Day 2 – Taupo to Napier

It’s not the end of day 2 yet, so there might be an addendum to come. Meanwhile, I am right here.

Napier beach

Yes, on a lonely skyline. My brother Steve has a powered site just further down, but this one is so new they haven’t installed power yet. I don’t mind – I’m practicing for later, and I have an amazing view:

I’m jumping ahead of myself of course. This morning started back in Taupo with a final hot swim and soak before we headed off to the local supermarket for some supplies. It’s all new to me this camper van lark – finding the special car spaces designated for the vans. Napier is two hours from Taupo through some ranges and the odd gorge – the latter half being the more scenic. Snow on the top of the hills and barely melted ice on the road made it an exciting trip.

We stopped halfway through to enjoy making lunch and eating it in one of the rest places.

Arrived at the Napier Beach Top 10 Holiday Park and paid our (roughly) $50 for prime views. Now the funny bit. I pressed ‘go’ on my MapMyWalk and set off along the beach. Found myself sinking into the shingle and struggling to progress. Kept going thinking it must get firmer. It didn’t. This is the map of my exercise:

And so I’ve made a cup of coffee from the gas stove top and now anticipate a pleasant evening going in to Napier with Steve to check out the area and perhaps have some dinner. Later, there may be an update.

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