Alfie and I go South

In a short while – early September – I will be starting another adventure. In this one, I am going to discover and explore my own country, mostly the ‘adventure playground’ that is the South Island. Instead of driving and staying at B&Bs, as I did in Scotland, for the first time I am going to hire a camper van (called Alfie) and circumnavigate the gorgeous coastline, fiords, and glaciers choosing where to stay on the hop.


The thing about the South Island is that its best places are remote, and if you want to stay on the coast or somewhere with spectacular views, you have to do it by camper van. I want to back up against a glorious sea or mountain view, open the back doors, and eat or sleep looking at this:

Back view

To that end, I have purchased a new iPad and iPen, and started practicing my sketching technique. I’m slowly accumulating the necessary items for the trip: Insect Repellant! Warm clothing. Boots.

My plan is to set off from Auckland and speed down country over a few days, then cross on the ferry to Picton, and start a more leisurely wander down the west coast, around the bottom and up the east. In the evenings, when I would normally be watching movies or shows streamed on my device, I am going to type my blog for the day and do the pics. Then I will put together a small travel log similar to my Scottish ones, and self-publish it upon arriving home.

Full of excitement

I’ll be using my blog as the basis for my written story. Hopefully it will be full of the same unexpected twists and turns that I encountered in previous travels – terrifying at the time, but good reading later. And of course, the scenery will sell itself.
If you’ve never ‘done’ the South Island of New Zealand, feel free to come along for the ride vicariously. Since I’m going alone, the sense of being in good company would be wonderful.

So, put a ring around the date Wednesday September 7, and watch this space.

6 thoughts on “Alfie and I go South

  1. I’m looking forward to this Jenny. We did the South Island by campervan back in the mid 80’s so this will be like doing it again (minus hubby and the three kids) Beautiful scenery, beautiful country 💕

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