An Unexpected Highlander now a print book from Amazon Australia

Today the paperback copy of my book became available on the Australian Amazon site here. 

I have been waiting to buy it from there myself, but they don’t sell to New Zealand. I presume I need to go back and purchase it from now. If you are a kiwi, I suggest you do the same – by the time you pay for the shipping it brings it up to the cost of the book in Aussie dollars anyway.


2 thoughts on “An Unexpected Highlander now a print book from Amazon Australia

  1. Jenny!!
    I just wanted to tell you how thoroughly I enjoyed reading your book! WOW! It was a real page-turner and kept me up reading all night and into the next morning. Cracking good, well-paced story, likeable, well-articulated characters (the fact that one’s a tall, soulful Scot certainly doesn’t hurt) and a glimpse at what life must’ve been like for early, hardy NZ settlers…Brilliant!
    In fact, the ONLY other thing I would have liked out of this story would have been more local culture ( flora and fauna, snippets of early history, struggles of the native and white inhabitants). I don’t think that has to be a separate book. New Zealand, like Scotland, is such a breath-takingly beautiful place, so mystical and fascinating. (Yes! You, too, can produce a series of 900-page books, if you will just take this advice! HaHa!)
    Anyhow – Terrific first novel! Let’s have some more, please, Miss. 😁 Planning to drop a review on later today. Awesome job!

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    1. And what a fantastic comment, Carol! Thank you so much for your review and all that detailed outline of what you liked! I really appreciated it. Second – and completely different book – in the wings! 😘


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