An Unexpected Highlander

Saturday 27 October 2018

I just checked with and they are looking in to getting the paperback up in the next day or so. I cannot buy it in bulk myself except from the Australian site, so I am waiting eagerly for them to put it up. Patience patience. . .

The paperback is now available on!

Check out this link.


I’m on Goodreads as an author — never dreamed this day would come. Would love you to follow me on there. Thanks.

An Unexpected Highlander is out now!

Available in any ebook format from two sites. Boroughs Publishing here, or Smashwords here. Hopefully Amazon will soon have the book available there in both paperback and ebook.

Enjoy! AND PLEASE review it. I don’t expect 5 stars, honest, would be thrilled with 4 stars, hope for 3 stars – you get my drift.

How did ‘An Unexpected Highlander’ come about?

My first book comes out TOMORROW – yee ha! And yes, it is available in paperback and as an ebook. This story started back about five years ago when a small group of keen writers got together with a published author, Anne Ashby, and spent a weekend at the stunning location of Piha beach in Auckland to learn a bit more. One of the tasks we set ourselves was to dress in character with someone from the story we each were writing. I chose to dress as my main character’s mother: Constance Attwater. Here I am dressed in costume as the poor woman who just lost her husband.


We had a great time – and let’s face it, it was a wonderfully inspiring location.


When we returned I set aside the story and only picked it up again last year (2017). In the meantime I had done a reconnaissance trip to Thames and Grahamstown where the story is set, and found a wonderful museum of gold mining artefacts and lots of history to discover.

The setting was now clear in my mind, the characters had made their introductions, it was left to me to see if I could make their story continue for about 80k words. Actually, once I got started and made myself sit there typing, the story flowed out with twists and turns and I found myself enjoying it immensely. I was truly surprised when it resolved and was finished.

Being a visual kind of girl, I did various covers of my own, and chose pictures of people who resembled my characters, and I offer a couple of them here, for you to enjoy.

I cannot describe the joy I felt – the day before I left for an overseas holiday – when an email confirming that the publishers wanted my story arrived. Since then it has been an undercurrent of excitement building up until I will see that book completed and ready to read. And that happens TOMORROW.

I would be very grateful if you have ordered a copy, if you would please write even a brief review of it. It makes a big difference to the sales, as well as informing me of how I might improve my writing. Thank you for your interest! (Reviews can be written on Amazon as soon as the book shows there.)


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